“Falling” alone in a dark rehearsal space on or around 10/28/2012.
Coming soon to a CD near you. Stay tuned.

“You’re The One For Me” – Live:

“You’re The One For Me” live at the first Water Under the Bridge Music Festival in Turners Falls, MA 6/12/2010.

Hinsdale Lawn Party 2014:

Conveniently, there was a camera aimed right at the stage at the Hinsdale Lawn Party (I know, what are the odds…?). I was nestled between Colby Dix and Bonsai Trees. Such a good time! Part One has “Lie to Me” and “Anything You Want,” both sounding kinda fuzzy. Part Two has “I Know It,” “Get Down River” (Bottle Rockets), and “Tornado Weather” and includes a brief appearance by Colby fiddling with knobs and whatnot. Dramatically less fuzzy…

Hinsdale Lawn Party 2014:

Metropolis 2011/12:

So, my pal Grady Smith stopped by Metropolis one night and he had some of his video gear with him so he shot this and made a video. That’s what he does. How cool is that?!