“This is a spectacular album. After listening to it four times, I keep hearing new things. It’s rare to fine [sic] an album that combines great music with heartfelt, strong vocals. Tom Woodbury does both. Some songs are fun, like “Broken Wheels” and “Nicotine Blues”. But “Don’t Toss Your Heart” is a just amazing. And even better, there are no weak songs on the album. It really doesn’t get any better than this…”
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TABLE 10 is available for immediate download at

It’s also available on iTunes.

You can have the actual CD delivered to your door from or pick one up at Turn It Up! in Brattleboro, Keene, and Northampton and at In The Moment Records, and the Windham Wine Gallery in Brattleboro.

March 2009:
I’ve just (finally) finished the big CD project. It’s called TABLE 10, which is the good table in the corner of the Windham Wine Gallery. That’s where the now-infamous “Hey, why don’t you play here sometime?” conversations started. Which snowballed into a real CD with real musicians (who are awesome) and a real cover (which is also awesome) and everything. Instead of whatever I might have thrown together with a couple of mics and a computer on my living room floor.

Everybody who touched this project went way above and beyond anything I imagined. I picked people who are great at what they do. Any one of them could have phoned it in and I would have been thrilled with the results. But they didn’t. The musicians who spent time in the studio with me; the musicians who came in after I left and did just exactly the right thing; Jon and Jay; Darlene; they all put real time and real effort and real art into this thing. I’m grateful.

  • Tom Woodbury: acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
  • Phil Beninson: drums
  • Duke Johnson: bass
  • Clayton Sabine: backing vocals, harmonica
  • Johanna Woodbury: percussion, backing vocals
  • Andrew Blowen: keyboards, backing vocals
  • Steve Roy: mandolin
  • Josh DiJoseph: slide guitar
  • Bruce Derr: pedal steel
  • Jon Nolan: backing vocals, electric guitars, percussion

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