November Gallery Walk

If I may be so bold as to direct your attention to the following video

And if I may be even bolder to point out what happens 9:12 into it. Yes, it’s a cover tune. Yes, it’s the first time I played it all the way through. But that’s when KT and Kim showed up and they wouldn’t let me not play the new supersecret surprise for Johanna (that’s her smiling and singing along).

So there.

Gallery Walk Pics

Some pics Johanna took with her phone at In The Moment during Gallery Walk. That’s the Taylor Koa T5C2 and me getting to know each other. An A minor chord on Capo 2 makes me think it’s during “You’re The One For Me.”

I really am grateful that so many folks came out on a kinda cold March evening to hang out, buy some vinyl, and listen. There were a lot of fun folks who came by. Someone showed up with a video camera on a tripod, shooting for a “blog” of some sort. And some folks said some astoundingly kind things about my stuff. Gosh! Byron’s already booked me for the end of summer. Gotta bring some new tunes and another goofy cover. Hmm…

On a personal performance note, I nailed the ending of a song that I don’t play very often since the time it freaked out my in-laws so much one night. 🙂 Casey was there; she’ll tell you.

VH1, Carbon Monoxide, and Me

So, I was watching VH1 the other day, waiting for the fire alarm guys to upgrade my CO detectors, and I saw a video that made me think, “I could do that.” Hmmm.

I talked with a guy last summer who said nice things about my songs and my stage performance (!) and such and he thought a video out there on the interwebs was in order. He had a particular song in mind, but it’s a song that I haven’t recorded. So, I’ve been hemming and hawing and putting off this whole video thing. But ya know what? I have a whole CD of perfectly good recordings. Duh!

This realization has kicked me back into “I should make a video” mode. So, I’m gonna chat with my pals in the video business and see what we can do. One thing I can promise you: there will be no kissy-face in this video. Nor will there be a tire-swing or a blonde in a white dress with the sun behind her.

So, in addition to the RPM Challenge in February (that’s coming up pretty soon, isn’t it?); making another full-length CD with the guys; and making this website more interesting (freebies, blogs, videos, witty observations about airline food, outtakes, stuff like that); now we’re making a video. It’s gonna be a good year. Stay tuned!