Gallery Walk Pics

Some pics Johanna took with her phone at In The Moment during Gallery Walk. That’s the Taylor Koa T5C2 and me getting to know each other. An A minor chord on Capo 2 makes me think it’s during “You’re The One For Me.”

I really am grateful that so many folks came out on a kinda cold March evening to hang out, buy some vinyl, and listen. There were a lot of fun folks who came by. Someone showed up with a video camera on a tripod, shooting for a “blog” of some sort. And some folks said some astoundingly kind things about my stuff. Gosh! Byron’s already booked me for the end of summer. Gotta bring some new tunes and another goofy cover. Hmm…

On a personal performance note, I nailed the ending of a song that I don’t play very often since the time it freaked out my in-laws so much one night. 🙂 Casey was there; she’ll tell you.

This challenge has already paid for itself!

I just thought I’d check in and let y’all know what’s what. So, I can make noise on Sundays for a few hours. That’s it. I haven’t taken the month off from work or chores or anything and I spent last night figuring out how Audacity works and I’ve got exactly one song “on tape” with guitar, vocal, and maybe bass. And so far, this is AWESOME!

The plan was simple: write 2.5 songs per week; record them on Sundays; burn it all to CD and put it in the mail on Monday March 1. I’ve got two really good new songs in this, the first week. Played ’em live on Friday and folks dug ’em. 🙂 And I’ve got some idears for more songs that are showing some promise. I’m fascinated because I’m much more familiar with writing when the lightning strikes…

The gear: Larrivée OM-09 acoustic guitar; Fishman Loudbox 100 amp; SM58; SM57; small Behringer unpowered mixer; MacBook Pro with Audacity installed (yup, it’s all going in through that poor 1/8″ stereo jack; no USB, no nuthin’); Precision Bass; Strat; noisy ol’ Fender Pro Reverb amp. Sometimes there’s drums around. We’ll see.

So last night I learned that I can a) get the bass into Audacity and b) find the “time-shift” feature to make the tracks line up. Whew! I also learned that I can, in fact, actually play the bass a little. This challenge has already paid for itself…!