Real Soon Now

Oh, right: I’m prob’ly supposed to mention that the CD will available real soon now. Stay tuned for links to online and brick-and-mortar record stores. And news of the big, huge, over-the-top, I’m-staying-up-past-my-bedtime CD RELEASE PARTY coming up soon.

The CD is here!


I’ve just (finally) finished the big CD project. It’s called “Table 10,” which is the good table in the corner of the Windham Wine Gallery. That’s where the now-infamous “Hey, why don’t you play here sometime?” conversations started. Which snowballed into a real CD with real musicians (who are awesome) and a real cover (which is also awesome) and everything. Instead of whatever I might have thrown together with a couple of mics and a computer on my living room floor.

Not so weekly…

I’m still playing sometimes at the Windham Wine Gallery. Just not so weekly. And more likely on a Friday. Come on by sometime. I promise not to get in the way of your quiet night out with a glass of wine. Some folks have found it a nice prelude to a 7:00 movie at the theatre up the street (I’m just sayin’). And, taking a cue from my friend Ray, I still play “just as well for eight people as I do for ten.” Good advice, that.