Tornado Weather

So, I’ve been “road-testing” the song about tornado weather for maybe almost a year. It’s done. I finally got the last verse a month or two ago.

The other night, during the big power outage, I was sitting in the dark with a couple of candles, quietly playing Tornado Weather on my Stratomocaster. I don’t know what possessed me, but I started playing it upbeat. It actually worked (thankfully, the twangy country version did not). I could hear Phil’s freight-train drums driving it along and it kinda rocked. And maybe instead of a high lonesome violin or viola, there’s a pretty Jon or Bob guitar line.

Now, to be fair, this is exactly the kind of stupid thing I’m apt to do. This song, in its slow pretty version, is the thing that got the most applause and hoots at Flood Fest. So now I start messing with it. Duh.

Anyway, at the next few shows I’ll be conducting a which-version-of-this-song-do-y’all-like-better lunchtime poll. Please, vote early and often.

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