Brattleboro Fire Relief Fund Update

Remember how I left TABLE 10 on sale at CD Baby so we could raise some money for the recent fire in Brattleboro?

Well, I’m in Portland, OR. I get an email from the nice folks at CD Baby telling me that the warehouse has run out of TABLE 10 and would I please send them six more. I find a post office and send them six of the ten I have with me. I get an email the next day, thanking me for the six. I get another email the day after that, telling me that they’ve run out again and would I please send them ten more.

So, thankyouthankyouthankyou. Apparently, folks are buying TABLE 10, which means the fire relief fund will be getting 100% of what you spend: my cut, cdbaby’s cut, shipping, whatever, and we can all feel good about ourselves. Plus, you get to listen to some tunes which are, if I may be so bold, not too bad.

If you’re in Brattleboro this weekend, check out the benefit show on Saturday, May 7, noon-midnight. It’s for a great cause and there are people working really hard to make it wonderful. Because that’s how we roll in Bratt!

2 thoughts on “Brattleboro Fire Relief Fund Update

  1. This is so fantastic. It’s not just a great cause, but a great CD to have, honestly, and I’m not just saying that. I wish that we could be home for the benefit, but we are having a great time here in Portland, OR, in the rain … about to visit Mount Hood. We might need those Navy Seals to chopper in and get us off the mountain if we do it “right.” Hahahaha … People coming together with the same goal in mind is the only way to get things done, you know hey?

  2. Hi, Tom, The show on Saturday is coming together is a fantastic way! We’ll have 12 hours of music from noon to midnight, great food, kids’ activities and a silent auction/raffle that will include your CDs and lots more. Everyone is working to make this a great weekend — and all of the monies collected go to the people affected by the fire. Wish you could be here to play! Best to Johanna, too.

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