CD Release Debrief

Well, here’s what I know about the CD Release Show: some people came from far, some came from wide, some went home with CDs, and all the folks I spoke with had fun and enjoyed the show. That was the point. Oh, and I had a ball!

Duke, Me, Phil, Clayton, and Bob at Latchis 4

A nice set of solo tunes: Clayton harmonized on one, Bob mandolined on another, and two of the tunes were shiny and new. I’m told my banter wasn’t even all that dreadful. Then the band and I played the album. The guys sounded terrific. It was such a treat to be playing with them, and particularly hearing them do their thang on my songs. Aaron and Clayton brought some PA gear with them which made this whole thing possible. And I’m told it sounded really great. Anyway, I’m thrilled with the night. And truly grateful to the guys for playing with me and to the folks who came to listen.