New Show: Moonlight Café

I’ve just booked a show at the Moonlight Café in Springfield, VT. I think it’ll be a treat to play for some lovely folks at a lovely B&B in southern Vermont a week before Thanksgiving. Plus, it’s the home of the nation’s most sophisticated privately-owned telescope observatory. Watch the shows page for details.

WVEW: “The Climate” Live Radio Appearance

On the radio again! Zeno and Hotdog are having me back in the WVEW studio next Wednesday, September 30, at 6:00 pm for “The Climate: A Tsunami of Rock and Romance.” I’ve promised them a “dramatic build song of the week” this time. That’s 107.7 on your FM dial, for you computer streaming audio types.

Gallery Walk: In The Moment

I’ve talked my pal Byron into letting me play on the window stage at In The Moment Records during Gallery Walk again. It’s such a fun place to play. C’mon by, check out their terrific record collection, pick sump’n up for the kids, and maybe you’ll catch one of my new tunes or an old favorite.

Graduated from PT

Hey, I graduated from PT today! The neck is doing much better, which means the hand is doing much better. I’ve been playing again for a while and I’m back to my old self, playing for longer sessions again.

Car Talk!

They played “Broken Wheels” on Car Talk today, the 12th. Oh my Gawd! How cool is that? Right there, from the top of Car Talk Plaza. Show #200937. There will just be no living with me now…

Two Years!

Wow! I’m touched that so many of you came out last night. It was my first full show in a while and it was a treat to see you all. It’s been two years of playing, mostly at the wine bar, and writing, and messing up my hand, and getting the CD done, and all that jazz. I appreciate your support more than I can say.